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About Family Constellations

Family Constellations is a therapeutic approach through which we can explore the deeper, unconscious dynamics in family systems. As we search for the deeper movements of the soul, we often discover how loyal children are to their families and how much their need to belong influences their actions. Unfortunately these loyalties don’t necessarily serve us later in life, and we usually are unaware that we continue to attempt to balance unresolved energies in our families of origin.

In family constellations we look to understand the impact of unresolved family issues, or secrets, and often become more aware of influences that our ancestors’ fates may still have in our life. Once these connections are identified a healing process can unfold in which we look for the love that is inherent in most families but which is often obscured by pain, fear and anger.

When participants discover their rightful, dignified place in their family they relax and disengage from painful old patterns. This offers the opportunity to move forward in new ways and leave past issues behind.

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